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MarCom Lead


I joined TEDxCairo in May 21013 as the Marketing and Communication Lead; handling 2014 EQUILIBRIUM conference marketing team. 

A team of 6 volunteering passionate members, who were in charge of the campaign's Media coverage, Social media Strategy & Plan, Registration and Ushering.


The +800 Attendees event was held in the AUC with great success, where the team managed to double the Social Media Fan Base (+125k) in just 6 month. In addition to covering the event live on social media (Facebook and Twitter) to be the trending topic on twitter that day (#TEDxCairo #EQUILIBRIUM).



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Kevin Chose Egypt - 2013


My endless passion for travelling and tourism brought this project to life. Due to the unfortunate geographical conditions the Middle East passes through currently, it was painful to see Egypt's Tourism suffer since the revolution of 2011. I decided to do something about it.


I met Kevin (this is how I called my Minion, although in Despicable me it is called Stewart) in New York City 2012. He agreed to accompany me to Egypt and ever since Kevin Chose Egypt as a favorable destination & we are showing our friends the best spots of Egypt.


For the whole story of Kevin Chose Egypt,
read Egyptian Streets Article.



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Electric Shock - 2011



During my Sales Service in Microsoft Egypt (2010 - 2014), I established an initiative for young employees to boost the employees morale and fight negative vibes. We created in-house production videos, events and support focus groups to boost the morale of the employees.


Electric Shock tackled internal problems and helped raise awareness about new products. Electric Shock Board has four permanent members and lead a team of 15-22 volunteering employees. Electric Shock won Subsidiary Award in 2013.


TEDxIEMadrid - 2015
Consultancy & Social Media



As an IE Alumni and Ex-TEDx fellow, it was my pleasure to volunteer in organizing 2015 ‘s TEDxIEMadrid event “Shaking Up The Order“ in Madrid. The event hosted 70 attendees in the Impact Hub.


I had the pleasure to help the Project Manager with logistical and layout advices, based on my previous experience with TEDxCairo, as well as managing the social media strategy and event live coverage.

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IE Fellowship - 2015
Project Leader for MVDMHUB & Program Social Media


As part of my Fellowship of my Master in Visual and Digital Media (MVDM) in IE, I worked on a project that former students of the program started; the MVDM HUB. It is a website that showcases students work from different intakes.


Creating a new sitemap with new UI was a result of a group work of 4 people in class and we structured it to be a portal for next generations to add to.

1,000 KM hike, 2016
Camino De Santiago Backpacker



Walking to the end of the world, starting in France, seemed like something I would never do. In 36 days covering more than 800 KM on the camino de Santiago, I walked more than 1,000 KM challenge, i put for myself. An experience worth living and sharing.


Fore more click here

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"Along the bumpy road what keeps you going are memories you've lived and hopeful dreams you've created". What occupies your heart can always find a slot in your crazy agenda. Here are some projects, I was crazy about and super proud of, not Only because I learned a lot, but also because of the enriching pals i have met.

Kevin Chose Egypt
Nine & Beyond - 2015
Freelance Photographer


Fashion photography for the first Premier Egyptian label for expectant & motherhood style. Now you can wear the same garment during & after pregnancy! Nine & Beyond ..


The photos were used for launching their birth bag collection and winter collection to come soon.





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TEDxCairo PRISMA, 2016
Project Manager



I took over TEDxCairo Management end of 2015, managed to put +800 Audience conference with pre and post execution of multi-functional yet volunteering team. Videos are out on YouTube.










NOUR is a country branding agency; aiming to provide the world’s poorly perceived countries with a STRONG BRAND to enrich the possibilities as a travel destination. 

NOUR branding is not only about advertisement & awareness; it focuses on the countries identity imprinting, through providing image enhancing services; such as branding, campaigns and after sale project management.

NOUR is a starting entrepreneurial project; ignited by 6 master’s students, who are world travelers and wish to fight misperception. The project was presented as for their graduation project in IE, Spain.


NOUR, we brand countries.

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