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It has been a bumpy road since the question started to be "Who I want to be rather than what I want to do". Ever since everything changed. The quest is still on.
11 years now, 33 countries, + 1.000 KM hikes, +1.600 KM cycling, 28 days without food & more. What a journey for self-discovery. I guess it will never end. What matters is that I never stop questioning.

The moment i stepped in Microsoft as a summer intern, I thought this was it. A passionate Technology Strategist working with the Egyptian Education Sector was a great break through. Along the way I realized I have bigger passion for moving pictures & traveling.

5 years later, I quit & perused a new career in film making in Egypt (as an assistant director), where I discovered a hidden corner of myself. It was a wonderful leap of faith to know that I could do much more than what I thought I could.

2016 was another start to self-discovery trip, where I took time off to travel & try some stuff that lead me to my first 1000 KM journey.

A bit about me:

This is my third exciting turn into a new world, where I aim to combine two worlds of my choice: Travel & Moving pictures. JURNI is my ambitious blog, where I help you explore things I have done.

and mentor you through your next hiking trip; putting itineraries for your trip & guide you through it. In other words, let me help you walk your first long distance hike & push you out of your limits. May I ?

JUNRI is my travel consultancy & long distance expeditions mentoring services. That's what I make for living now.

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